Mercedes EQE and EQS Offer Over-the-Air Horsepower Boost for Sale

Mercedes EQE and EQS Offer Over-the-Air Horsepower Boost for Sale

The EQE and EQS sedan and SUV models from Mercedes-Benz now have more power. The EQE 350 4Matic and EQS 450 4Matic models are receiving an Acceleration Increase update from the German automaker via its over-the-air software updating system. There are no mechanical changes necessary and the update is available for purchase or subscription. Instead, regardless of the driving mode chosen, it modifies the motor characteristic curve to deliver more horsepower and torque.

Both EQE versions receive a 60-horsepower boost from the Acceleration Increase upgrade, bringing the total output of the drivetrain from 288 to 348 horsepower. The SUV accelerates to 60 mph in just 5 points 2 seconds, compared to the sedan’s 5 points 1 second. The EQS, meanwhile, gains 80 horsepower to 435 horsepower and speeds from 0 to 60 mph in 4 points 5 seconds for the sedan and 4 points 9 seconds for the SUV. The update, according to Mercedes, has no impact on driving range.

Depending on the model, the upgrade’s cost varies. The update for the EQE costs $60 monthly, $600 annually, or $1,950 if purchased outright. These sums increase to $90, $900, and $2,950 for the EQS. This implies that buyers will shell out about $32 point 50 for each additional horsepower for the EQE and $36 point 90 for each additional horsepower for the EQS.

Customers can access the Mercedes Me Connect online store to download the Acceleration Increase update. This implies that they can do so without going to a Mercedes-Benz dealership and can download the update from any location. Other digital extras available on the platform include driving modes for novice drivers and valet services, a dashcam feature, the AMG Track Pace app, and navigation system updates. In the upcoming months, the catalog will receive more function additions.

A significant advantage for Mercedes-Benz is its over-the-air software updating system. With no need for owners to visit a dealership, the automaker can update and upgrade its vehicles. This enables Mercedes to provide its customers with new features and quickly address any issues, improving the ownership experience.

An excellent illustration of how Mercedes uses its over-the-air software updating system to enhance its vehicles is the Acceleration Increase upgrade. Mercedes is increasing the power of its EV models to make them more appealing to customers looking for a high-performance electric vehicle. The upgrade is affordable and thus available to a variety of customers.

Finally, the Mercedes-Benz Acceleration Increase upgrade is a noteworthy advancement for the company. Mercedes is giving its EQE and EQS sedan and SUV models more power through the use of its over-the-air software updating system. There are no necessary mechanical changes for the upgrade, which is available for purchase or subscription. Customers can now improve the performance of their EVs in an easy and affordable way thanks to this. Mercedes-Benz’s over-the-air software updating system is poised to become a crucial component of the brand’s strategy with additional features and updates planned for the future.

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