Outdated Tech Wastes Business Time

Outdated Tech Wastes Business Time

Employees in the US lose up to 80 hours per year as a result of dated workplace technology, according to a recent report by Atlas VPN. The information was gathered from Skynova, a small business software provider, who polled over a thousand US citizens about the technology they use at work. According to the study, millennials waste the most time, losing an average of 19.3 minutes per day, or just over 10 working days annually. Generation Z lost an average of 18.2 minutes daily, closely followed by Generation X with 18.8 minutes lost on a daily basis.

The most heavily impacted industries by out-of-date technology were also highlighted in the report. The sector that lost the most time was finance, where employees lost almost 24 minutes per day, or 103 hours, on average. Government and retail workers wasted an average of 1914 minutes per day, while healthcare workers lost 23 minutes daily. The average daily time lost by workers in the hospitality and food and beverage industries was 18:2, while workers in the IT sector lost an average of 17:1 minutes each day, and teachers lost an average of 16:6 minutes each day.

According to Atlas VPN, while companies are motivated to reduce operating expenses, they frequently overlook the long-term effects of using antiquated technology. Businesses that use out-of-date software and hardware are more vulnerable to data breaches and serious cyberattacks, which can cost them money both directly and indirectly. For instance, ransomware attacks can force companies to pay to recover their stolen data, and the bad press can result in a significant drop in clientele.

Businesses should invest in new technology, according to Atlas VPN, to boost productivity and security because doing so can save money over the long run. The cost of using out-of-date technology may be higher now, but it will only get more expensive if you don’t upgrade.

In order to improve productivity and security at work, the report by Atlas VPN concludes by emphasizing the significance of making new technology investments. Inefficiencies and vulnerabilities caused by outdated technology can eventually increase costs and expose users to serious cyberattacks and data breaches. To ultimately save money, improve efficiency, and increase security, businesses should think about the long-term effects of outdated technology and invest in new technology.

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